Bucket List

If not now, then when? – Kikki K, Bucket List Journal.

I received a Kikki K Bucket List Journal for Christmas last year and have started filling it up with my dreams and goals, both big and some completely mundane. Many of my items are travel related as there are just so many places to explore!

Hopefully writing this list will help me get out there and accomplish all of my goals and dreams maybe it will even inspire you to write your own bucket list with adventures of your heart’s desire.

This list will be constantly added to as new ideas pop into my head but for now here’s my bucket list (in no particular order, apart from the top 3).

1. Volunteer with Elephants – Done 23rd October – 29th October  – I had the most incredible week at the Elephant Nature Park. I love elephants and volunteering has been on my bucket list for some time now. I’m actually very surprised I haven’t done it yet. These are the 2 programs I would love to participate in.

http://www.elephantnaturepark.org/ Northern Thailand or Cambodia.
– http://www.desertelephant.org/  Namibia

2. Swim and relax in the Maldives – over-water bungalow, yes please!

3. Explore South Korea – Done, September 19th – 7th October 2016. See my food diaries – Sweet and Savoury

4. Learn to appreciate and enjoy red wine – I don’t think scrunching up my face after every sip counts…(Update 9/8/16 – Not as much scrunching happening these days. I’m getting there :))

5. Geek out at Comic Con in San Diego – I’m not a huge nerd but I would love to go to the TV and movie panels.

6. Visit Karijini National Park – Done, March 24th 2016 See why you need to visit Karijini National Park. 

7. Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi – I love Formula One and amusement parks so this is a no-brainer, Forza Ferrari!

8. I’ve been dreaming of a White Christmas

9. Dine at a Michelin Star Restaurant

10. Mt Everest Base Camp Trek – Done, March 20th 2017

11. More trekking – Inca Trail Hike to Machu Picchu

12. Read one book a month for a year – Done 2016

13. Tea Leaf picking

14. Meet Sebastian Vettel – Done, September 17th 2016 I did mention I love F1 right? In 2012 I was less than a metre from Seb at the Singapore Grand Prix but I completely froze. 10 minutes later I ended up bawling my eyes out. I believe I was in a state of shock and can’t guarantee it won’t happen again, given the opportunity. UPDATE: I got Seb’s autograph and he spoke 2 words to me – ‘Don’t worry’ so I’m going to count that as meeting him. See my Guide to the Singapore GP

15. Jump up and down at an overseas music festival –  Glastonbury or Coachella? Maybe something else entirely?

16. Learn Korean – I have taken classes but sucked! I need to try again.

17. Road Trip! – Maybe an Australian one across the Nullarbor or the Great Ocean Road? Or somewhere overseas? Iceland’s Ice Ring Road,  The Garden Route in South Africa or Ruta 40 in Argentina.

18. Live in another country

19. Get a Bigbang tattoo – I am a massive fan of K-pop group Bigbang. Saranghae TOP!

20. Record a song in a studio (or with auto tune equipment haha)

21. Make Macarons – Done, 22nd April 2017. They weren’t as hard as I thought and turned out really well. 

22. Learn how to apply makeup – Yep, I still haven’t mastered this. I can never get the right shade of foundation so have stopped trying but i’m starting to need it now that i’m getting older!

23. Go paragliding somewhere beautiful – any suggestions?

24. See the Northern Lights

25. Attend the following F1 races –  Monaco, Suzuka, Spa, Monza, Silverstone and Baku looks interesting too but really i’d like to see them all, just give me a pass to attend every race for a year and i’ll be happy 🙂

26. Visit the Galapagos Islands

27. Step foot on Antarctica

28. Eat my way around France and Italy – I know, this is technically 2 but I imagine doing a big trip to both of these countries.

29. Ride camel back in Morocco or in the Middle East

30. Go back to Santorini and explore the island by ATV – Yes, I have already done this but it was incredible! One of my favourite travel moments so why not do it again?

31. Make a Pandan Chiffon Cake – I used to work with a guy who’s wife made a mouth-watering Pandan Chiffon Cake. I’ve been craving it for months!

32. Train Trip! – The Orient Express, Glacier Express in Switzerland, Trans-Siberia in Russia or The Canadian.

33. Learn how to curl my hair – I’m kinda there but not getting quite the curl I want, back to Pinterest and YouTube how to’s for me. I managed to figure this one out! I guess that happens when you’ve got a long bob and the only time it looks nice is when there is a nice wave. 

34. Set a time on the Nurburgring – I’d be the slowest out there (safety first! haha) but would still like the chance to drive around this track.

35. Take a ride in a hot air balloon 

36. Sleep under the stars somewhere magical

37. Buy Moroccan trinkets at a souk

38. African safari – I would love to see the big 5, plus all the other beautiful animals.

39. Stand atop of Table Mountain – I wanted to visit here ever since my teenage obsession with the South African cricket team (we won’t go there…)

40. Eat at the Sailor Moon cafe in Japan – If I were any animated character I would be Sailor Moon, we just have so much in common haha. I love it so much I have a Sailor Moon tattoo –         ‘I am Sailor Moon, champion of justice! On behalf of the moon, I will right wrongs and triumph over evil, and that means you!’




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